So, for anyone who has a constant battle with hairy body parts and can’t afford to get lazer hair removal, I think I may have found the answer. It comes at a price but also has huge reward.

It’s called SmoothSkin Bare and looks a little like this!

It’s a IPL hair removal system that works over the course of around 9 weeks. IPL is a light energy which is designed to break the cycle of hair growth. It’s completely safe before you start to panic, I know I did when I first got shown this machine.

SmoothSkin Bare is ultrafast and yet compact, for simple effective hair removal. You can treat your whole body, so this means legs, bikini line and under arms in less than 10 minutes! You basically treat the shaved area once a week whilst holding down the button until the machine flashes….simple! They say you see results in just 4 weeks but I’ve already seen results in just 3 so I may just be hair free before Christmas.

Once you complete your cycle and stop seeing hair growth, you shouldn’t see hair growth again! It basically works forever! Crazy right? So it’s a little expensive, retailing from £179 but worth the money if you never see hair growth again…get yours now from SmoothSkin Bare.

Do you use a hair removal product/machine or do you like to let your hair grow for the winter? Let me know! I’d love to hear your stories.

Thanks for reading. Until next time x


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