Bloggers Ball

This year I attended my first bloggers ball and it was amazing! Little did I know, I’d end up on an impromptu photoshoot for Jody Bell‘s clothing line…

Scarlett London hosts many networking events throughout the year for new and existing bloggers. They are sometimes small intimate lunches where she invites around 75 bloggers or larger exhibitions where a couple of 100 attend. I had the opportunity of meeting Scarlett at the event and it was so nice to meet someone who has taken the bloggers world by storm. I was very nervous to attend by myself! Scarlett mentioned that one of the reasons she started to organise these events was for like minded people to come together as you can imagine, a lot of people just start blogs in their bedroom. These events give you the chance to make friends with people in the community and I was luck enough to do this myself!

After walking round the event and checking out the different brands on their stands, I found myself stood with MaisieSadie and Katie lovely bloggers just like me!  They were speaking with the lovely photographer’s Dean and Neil about doing a photo shoot for designer Jody bell. They turned to me and asked if I wanted to join, how could I say no?!

Before you know it we were walking down the streets of London taking many photos and throwing ourselves out of our comfort zone. And here are a few photos from the shoot.

I couldn’t recommend the event enough. Scarlett usually announces new events on her Twitter so start following! So happy I met these girls and we plan on going to a few more events together in the upcoming future. More details on our outfits can be found on Sadie‘s blog post!

Let me know if you have attended any events recently? I’d love to hear about them!



    • Tori French
      July 13, 2017 / 7:41 am

      Ahhh thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 xx

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